We promise to create a functional home, without judgment, in whatever way works best for your brain, lifestyle, and home. 


Founded in July 2019, we've turned the concept of "clutter coaching" (ugh, we know, not the best term, but it’s kind of what we do) into a personalized journey of transforming lives through organizing homes. We approach organization differently than others because our end goal isn’t a perfectly styled home with trendy containers. Organization isn’t about things–It’s about the inward order that comes from a decluttered environment. 

If we can give people space to silly play with their kids; peace of mind from knowing where to find their important papers; and joy coming through the door each day to a home that welcomes rest, that’s how we’re going to do our part to create a better world.

Personalized Home Organization Services in East and South Hillsborough County, Florida 

When not organizing, I dream of traveling the world, scuba diving in Fiji, and building a tiny home ‘hood for our family. For now, though, I enjoy time at home with the kids and travel with my biggest supporter, my husband.

On the Horizon

My commitment extends beyond organizing homes; it's about nurturing communities. I actively support the Brandon High School community and various local causes to help women and children, ensuring donations from my projects benefit those in need directly.

Community at Heart

I wear many hats at Orderly Owl—from decluttering expert to personal cheerleader for your organizing journey. But my favorite role? Watching the stress melt off my clients as their homes transform. My drive comes from a deep understanding of a serene space's impact on mental health and family dynamics.

More Than Just an Organizer

Hello, I'm Erica, an ASPO Certified Home Organizer and the founder of Orderly Owl. Born and raised in Brandon, Florida (a neighboring suburb of Tampa), my passion for organizing stemmed from a personal journey. Growing up in a less-than-ideal home, I learned firsthand the transformative power of an organized space to design a better life.

A Journey from Chaos to Clarity

Meet Erica Hartmann Burruezo, Founder of Orderly Owl

We promise to create a functional home that respects your unique needs and lifestyle. Our approach is judgment-free, understanding, and tailored to each individual and family we serve. At Orderly Owl, you're not just a client; you're part of our community, where every organizing challenge is an opportunity for growth and happiness.

Our Promise to You - A Functional Home, Tailored to You (and Your Brain)

-Jackie C.

“Erica worked with me, and in 7 hours, she put my whole house back in order. She was personable and professional, and she helped me sort through trash and items to donate. She left me with a home that is now easy to clean. Everything has a place, and I am beyond grateful.”

-Christy A.

“Erica did some work for me after I retired from 28 years of teaching and raising a family. After years of letting things pile up in closets and boxes, I simply needed help to get started. Erica began by organizing and redoing my pantry and my linen closet. She then gave me tips on sorting paperwork, pictures, and all kinds of stuff that has added up over the years. Erica jumped in and helped me with the sorting- making piles and deciding what should stay and go. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for me. I highly recommend Orderly Owl.”

The Results

We offer a seamless process from inquiry to transformation, with responsiveness and understanding at every step. Let's create a home that brings you peace and joy!

Contact us today to start your journey from clutter to clarity. 

Ready to Transform Your Space?

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