Organizing Solutions For Everyday People

Chaos, Meet Order. 

We help our clients positively impact their mental wellness by crafting thoughtfully organized spaces that promote calmness, efficiency, and a sense of control in their daily routines. 

So, while we take clutter seriously, our approach to organization is practical—and even playful and creative. Let's face it: Real life isn't a Pinterest board. Kids, pets, and the natural pace of your life are messier, louder, and infinitely more unpredictable. And that's perfectly okay. We’re here to save your sanity, return your time, and finally clear the chair with clothes not clean enough for the closet and not dirty enough for the wash (you know the one!). 

Orderly Owl is a professional home organization company serving Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, Plant City Lithia, FL, and surrounding areas. 

Let's Sort It Together.

Life Is Messy.

Your home belongs to everyone who lives there—your 100-pound dog, elderly cat, and neurodivergent children included. At Orderly Owl, we believe in creating spaces that aren't picture-perfect but are perfect for the pictures of life. We also love setting kids up for long-term success by teaching them independence skills and encouraging proud ownership of their accomplishments. Let the playdates, rushed mornings, pillow forts, and impromptu dance-offs continue in a re-imagined environment where joy and laughter live (and you can find your stuff). 

Our Philosophy

Orderly Owl wants to create living spaces that are as vibrant and dynamic as your family. When your home flows with how you live and organization systems work for every family member, the connection within your home will replace resentment toward your home. 

Our Promise

Organizing Solutions For Peace Seekers—Not Neat Freaks.

A Peek Inside the Orderly Owl Nest

  • Exhausted moms doing #allthethings who have lived in a short rotation of yoga pants for far too long—because opening the closet might cue a cascade of falling items.

  • Families who go 100mph and need fail-proof and easy-to-maintain systems that don’t slow them down.

  • People whose retail therapy has them needing organizing rehab.

  • Parents who want their kids to become more independent, be able to clean their own rooms, and find their favorite toys or needed homework items. It’s better to save the tears for the math problem, not finding a pencil and paper.

  • Homes that need a reset and refresh in one room, space, or across the whole home. 
  • Families who want to have a home that supports healthy thinking and living. 

  • Children and parents with autism, ADD, and other neurodivergencies who need gentle, non-judgy support and systems that work in sync with their thinking and natural strengths. 

We Make Life A Hoot Again (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) For…

Our Kind of People

Throwing everything away, buying a new house, or even burning it down won’t teach your family new wise habits—but we will!

Let Orderly Owl work alongside you to bring calm where there's clutter. 

Life is hard, but living in your home shouldn’t be.
Let us help you get control over your space and create a calm world around you to support your family’s best life. 

In 2019, I started Orderly Owl with the idea of creating something of significance for my family that would help other people and their families, too. Always a proponent of mental healthcare and self-development and having experienced family challenges in my childhood, I’ve been intentional to learn life-enriching tools. I also aim to create an orderly and uplifting environment for my three daughters, fostering a sense of well-being that radiates from our home to others.

My passion lies in equipping people, from kids to adults, with the skills to have healthy attachments to their things and guiding them to newfound confidence. When you declutter the space around you, you’ll create space within to fill with confidence, joy, and fun!

Hi, I’m Erica Hartmann Burruezo, Founder of Orderly Owl. 
Mom of Three, Community Volunteer. Native Floridian.

Restoring Peace, Saving Sanity, and Occasionally Rescuing Marriages Since 2019 

We like to keep it simple.

Service Options

Pantry reorganization
Kids’ playroom
A closet space
Home offices 

Small Projects

Whole Home or Estate
Several closets

Large Projects


Move In/Move Out

Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly visits 
Keep order in place and peace in your space.

Maintenance Packages

Before we leave your nest, we’ll ensure you feel comfortable with the set-up and maintenance plans. And if you ever need a refresh or tweak, we’ll swoop back in. 

3. You’ll take back your time, energy, and home from the clutches of clutter!

After we listen to your organizing woes, we’ll put a customized plan together that everyone in your home can get on board with.

2. Orderly Owl will contact you. 

Don’t hold back–We’re here to help. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. We love what we do and helping families like yours. 

1. Fill out our contact form. 

(but that’ll be cake in time, too!) 

Getting Started With Us Is Much Easier Than Finding Your Keys

-Brittany L.

“Erica helped me organize my closet months ago, and I’m still incredibly grateful for the structure she gave. She’s patient and kind and will teach you the best ways to keep it going, not just do it once. Thank you so much for all of your help!” 

-Christy A.

“I used Orderly Owl to organize my garage, and Erica did an amazing job! Not only did she pay attention to every detail- she helped me find so many things I had completely forgotten about that were packed away when we first moved in. I will definitely be using these services again for other areas of the house, and I can’t wait to see what we uncover.”

The Results

Are you ready for no-judgment, at-your-pace professional organization?

If so, we’re ready to revamp more than your space–We want to help you transform your life!

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